Event Promotions

Shouting your ideas from the tallest mountain top feels great but bringing people to your creations in person creates customers. Events are tactile and build bonding engagements between solution seekers and those that provide them. We plan, develop and execute event promotions. From store openings, to fashion shows, to musical events, to corporate seminars, to the launch of a new website, Live Media will arrange the details and put the people who are ready to do business with you at your fingertips.

Online Visibility

Content is king. That is a beautiful thing when you have so much to share about your ideas and creations. The management, formatting and distribution of that content is not as fun. Live Media knows media management and how, when and where to get your message online. From creating a website for a special promotion to setting up an ecommerce website with a thousand products, we focus on the return of investment and margin through compelling customer building and search engine optimization.

Social Connections

Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn, Google, etc…, etc…, socially engaging your customers is about more than this month’s, flavor of the month. Every single one is important. There are a myriad of ways to communicate: email, newsletters, events, print media, television Getting your message out to every service, every day, takes planning, execution and aggressive reactions to good analytical advice. Live Media excels at building a social engagement empire for your business that is simple to understand, easy to maintain and that explicitly correlates profits to action

Print Advertising:


Internet Advertising





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Marketing Consultation

  • New Start-up Businesses
  • Existing businesses needing a new strategy



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